Jumat, 04 Maret 2011


The official name of Indonesia is the Republic of Indonesia. Capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. Jakarta is full of big building and full of people and has many motor vehicles. Location of Indonesia is along equator. Indonesia has big of population that 242,000,000. Indonesia has size 1,919,440 Km² or 714,050 sq mi. Indonesia is archipelagic country and has 17,508 islands in Indonesia and Indonesia just has 5 major islands there are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Irian Jaya, and Sulawesi. Indonesia is tropical country so, Indonesia has 2 climate there are wet and dry season. Indonesia has temperature 79⁰F-86⁰F or 26⁰C-30⁰C.

My Holiday

Hello my name is iffah abidatul a’la you can call me iffah. Now I want to tell my last holiday.
The school gave all students 10 days for holiday. I think I could go to my grandmother house. But, I just stayed in home because, my brother was sick and I had to take care them and help my mother.
This holiday my mother make trousers to my, my older sister, and my younger sister. The color of trousers is purple and green. We are very happy we get a new trouser.
The next day my mother went to ponorogo at 7.00 am until 11.30 am. After my mother came back to home uncle ali, qois(my cousin), uncle faiz, aunt mardiyah and her family visit my home. We not yet lunch so, we go to pondok catur. Before we went to pondok catur we have to order first. That noon Pondok catur is full of people so, we not have some place to eat. Then, my father talked to people in pondok catur to put one mat so, we can sit. We just wait 15 minute to start eat the food, 2 people bring some food and drink ice to us. I hear people said if they wait 2 hour to eat but no food on they table. That his false not order like we.
After eat we went to kresek to playing some game and little talk. We go home at 15.00 pm. My family go home, uncle ali, qois(my cousin), uncle faiz back to Surabaya and aunt mardiyah and her family back to morang.
And tomorrow I have to school. Bye……………………..

Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Patrick Star

 I search this picture from google i hope you like patrick. but, i do not like spongebob. ok I thing only that see you!!!!